Plan Your Wedding Day Timeline


Plan on 7-9 hours of photography. After all, good photography is based on being at your wedding to capture moments as they happen.

Photographer Arrives

It works well and helps to keep the day calm and relaxed if I arrive at the tail-end of your getting ready process.


Getting Ready

Allow at least 60 minutes for getting-ready photography and details of the dress, shoes, jewelry, etc. Once you are mostly dressed, I will capture your mom or maid-of-honor helping you zip up your dress and put your earrings and jewelry on etc.

Wedding-71 (1).JPG

Bridal Portraits & Bridesmaids Photos

These photos are meant to be casual and fun, capturing the moments of celebration between the bride and her friends. If you want any special shots, such as toasting with champagne, make sure you have the props ready


First Look

Plan on 60 minutes for your first look. This allows us time to get to a pretty location. And for you and your love to spend a little quality time together after you see each other. The first look is a special moment where the groom sees his bride for the first time, away from the hundreds of eyes that will be watching during the ceremony. "Let this be a special moment with just the bride and groom, and have your bridal party and families wait in the getting ready locations while you go with your photographer and videographer.


Wedding Party and Family Photos

30-60 minutes for family photos works well. If we do these just before the ceremony then you will be able to attend most of your cocktail hour. Have your family meet the coordinator, dressed and ready, in the lobby of your venue. Make sure your photographer has a shot list of every family combination you want captured, and designate a family member to help the photographer identify each family member. It will be much easier for your sibling or cousin to go find the family members



This is the time block that varies most for weddings. The time really depends on the type of ceremony you're having. About 30-60 minutes for your ceremony should be accurate. Even 5 minute ceremonies take a bit longer when you count the time it takes right before and right after.

Cocktail Hour


Invite guests to cocktail hour and take some post-ceremony photos with the photographer. Depending on how many photos you want to take, you can join cocktail hour halfway through, or spend some time in the bridal suite having appetizers and drinks privately. This will give you a much-needed break to re-energize for the rest of the night!

Sunset Photos

Sunset photos are an opportunity you don't want to miss out on. Set aside time in your wedding itinerary to take more bride and groom portraits during the sunset.

First dance and other formalities

Plan on 30-60 minutes for first dance and other formalities. I consider these things pretty critical. If anything else is behind schedule, this often runs a bit behind schedule.

60-120 minutes for dinner and toasts.

Cake Cutting, Bouquet Toss and Garter Toss


Open Dance Floor

Open dancing. This could be anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours of coverage. Not all dancing is created equal. What are your friends like and what type of photos do you want?

Grand Exit

Arrange for a final song with your DJ or band ahead of time. Say your final goodbyes and hug your final hugs. If you're having a exit with sparklers, have someone organize all the guests along your exit path and hand out sparklers.

When your final song comes on, grab hands and make a dash for happily ever after!